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Terms & Conditions

WALLBEDS AUSTRALIA TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE DEPOSITSWallBeds Australia will place your cabinetry order into the production schedule once the customer has paid 50% deposit of the total cost of the goods or amount in full. Should the customer cancel their order after a deposit is taken, a cancellation fee of a MINIMUM of 20% of the total purchase price will apply and the balance refunded to the customers chosen account.BALANCESBalances owing will need to be settled prior to dispatch. CONDITIONS OF SALEPlease be advised that WallBeds Australia encourages all customers that are ordering cabinetry request a colour sample from our supplier. At times WallBeds Australia may be able to supply colour samples, as refunds will not be given once the order has been processed and any exchanges will incur a cost to you. Refunds will not be given if goods do not fit. Warranty does not cover the delivery of goods.GOODS ON ORDER Dates quoted for delivery of goods are approximate only at the time of ordering and may vary due to circumstances beyond our control. You will be advised as soon as your goods are ready for delivery.CANCELLATION / RETURNSIn the event of cancellation of a sale or return of carton only sales by the consumer, refunds will be in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Office of Consumer Affairs. A minimum of 20% of the invoiced price will be deducted from any refunds to cover administration costs. Customised orders require a non- refundable deposit of 50% of the invoice price. WallBeds Australia will not be liable for any postage or freight costs for the return of the goods.OWNERSHIP OF GOODSGoods marked as “sold” on behalf of a customer after receipt of deposit or lay-by payment shall remain the property of Wall Beds Australia until the invoiced price is paid in full.LAY-BY ARRANGEMENTSA deposit to the value of 30% of the total purchase price is required to begin a lay-by. Payments are to be made fortnightly. The order for your WallBed will be placed with the WallBed manufacturer in the final month of the agreed layby term. A delay may be experienced prior to delivery due to manufacturing timeframes outside our control.Failure to complete payments in the specified time makes the goods, any payments made and the deposit, liable for forfeiture if considered reasonable in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.Lay-bys should not exceed a 3-month period. A layby can be cancelled by the purchaser but may result in forfeiture of some moneys paid if it is deemed reasonable in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.Lay-by Arrangements should be by regular, fortnightly repayments over a three-month period.
DELIVERY OF GOODSWallBeds Australia must be advised within 24 hours from the date of delivery of any damaged or missing it ems received. This is inclusive of all carton only items.DEFINITION OF PANEL DAMAGE.Any chips, marks, or imperfections in the cabinetry panel or frame.Whilst all orders are packaged to exclude any damage in transport, there may be from time to time someitems that may incur damaged by the carrier which is beyond the control of WallBeds Australia.WallBeds Australia encourages customers to inspect all cabinetry panels prior to assembly and installation. WallBeds Australia will not replace under warranty any damaged panels or frames once units are assembled.If a panel or frame is damaged by the customer after assembly, WallBeds Australia can at cost to the customer replace panels or frames. The Customer will pay for all applicable shipping and handling charges.WallBeds Australia will bear all costs if an item has been proven to have been damaged during transport.WallBeds Australia will not replace items under warranty when damaged whilst being unpacked by the customer. WARRANTY CLAIM FOR DAMAGED PANEL PROCEDURE •Photographic evidence of the damaged crate / packaging received by the customer •A close-up photo of the damaged panel or frame•If a cabinetry panel: a photo of the part sticker•A full-length photo of the damaged panel or frame which includes the part stickerThe Customer will pay for all applicable shipping and handling charges if a damaged item is replaced by WallBeds Australia for the following.•Once the item has been assembled and installed•Incorrect installation or handling by the customer or installerWallBeds Australia at its own discretion may replace damaged items under warranty for the following.•If the damage is minor and not visible by the opposing panel covering the damage•If the damage is minor on the non-visible or seen side of the cabinetry i.e. the side that the cam locks are placed into to connect the cabinetry parts, any panel that faces a wall or ceiling.•Minor damage or imperfections in the Face/Base panels. Example one side of the Face/Base panel on an Alpha Bed has an imperfection or minor damage that will not be seen once the steel frame has been attached and the mattress placed onto the bed. As these Face/Base panels are universal to which side the frame is attached to when assembling the bed.WallBeds Australia will always endeavor to achieve the best outcome for both parties. WallBeds Australia decision on replacing any damaged item under warranty is final.
DELIVERY OF GOODSThe approximate delivery date given is an estimate based on current manufacturing and shipping times, this should be treated as a guide only. If delivery of goods is unsuccessful on the day organised by the customers. A further re delivery fee will be payable by the customer for the second delivery. Our carriers agree to deliver to the customers address only. It is at the customer’s expense if goods do not fit into the property or cranes, etc. are required to achieve access. Sales staff must be advised at time of sale/booking delivery if access problems are anticipated.GENERAL WARRANTY•WallBeds Australia reserves the right to grant conditional warranty on all wall bed cabinetry. WallBeds Australia will not cover any warranty claim because of misuse of the wall bed products •The NeXt Bed Mechanism comes with a 7-year manufacture warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Misuse, abuse, or damage by misapplication are not covered.•The Alpha Steel Frame has a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturer’s defects.•The Legs, Leg connector rods, Springs and spring mechanism comes with a 7-year manufacture warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Misuse, abuse, or damage by misapplication are not covered.•The DIY hardware kit comes with a 7-year manufacture warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Misuse, abuse, or damage by misapplication are not covered.•The WallBeds Australia mattress comes with 2 years manufactures warranty on manufacturer’sdefects. Misuse, abuse, sagging or damage by misapplication are not covered.STORAGE OF COMPLETED WALL BED CABINTERY ORDER •If required WallBeds Australia can hold a completed order in storage for up to 5 working days at no charge.•After 5 days from being advised the order is ready to be shipped and final payment is required, storage fees of $50.00 per day will apply.•Any storage fees incurred must be paid prior to the order is dispatched. SAFETY WARNINGWallBeds are designed to be operated by adults. Use by children may result in injuries to the child or damage to the WallBed if they are unable to control the opening or closing of the mechanism adequately. Warranties do not cover injuries or damage under these circumstances. Whilst Wallbeds meet Australian Standards, adult use and supervision of WallBeds is required always. All wall bed must be lowered using caution and not designed to be lowered without control.
WHAT DOES MY WARRANTY EXCLUDE?The Warranty Program specifically excludes claims for:•damage incurred during handling, transportation and installation of the product by the customer or their contractor;•discoloration of timber or fabric coverings resulting from exposure to direct sunlight, extreme heat or similar conditions•surface scratches, dents, chips, marks, accidental breakages, normal wear and tear or damage resulting from misuse or abuse damage to cabinetry caused by dropping of the wall bed door or notputting the manual foot in place to support the wall bed when open•damage to cabinetry caused by dropping of the wall bed door or not putting the manual foot in place to support the wall bed when open•damage to fabric coverings caused by the transference of perspiration, body oils or the corrosiveingredients contained in personal care products such as hair gels and skin creams•damages resulting from dye transfer from rugs, cushions, jeans and other clothing•the cost of transportation from the purchaser to WallBeds Australia or its agents, if the claim is not covered by the standard warranty conditions•damage caused to a product or person resulting from incorrect use or installation of the wall bed•timber grain variation, colour variation, wrinkling, markings, and scars resulting from the natural features of the product•damage or degradation of timber and fabric coverings not properly maintained; that is, the regular removal of dust and dirt by appropriate means and the application of endorsed cleaning and care nourishing products as instructed at time of sale•damage to timber or fabric coverings due to the application of chemicals, cleaners or conditioners•damage or marks to flooring by the natural rubber compound of the wall bed feet/stops•WallBeds Australia products are Self Assemble (DIY) and as such WallBeds Australia is not liable to cover any costs incurred by the customer or Agent if a customer or Agent chooses to engage with another party to install the product.•These costs include but are not limited to, delay in delivery of goods by the carrier, re scheduling or completion of installation due to damaged panels or missing hardware being replaced under WallBeds Australia Terms and Conditions.•Change of mind, wrong item selected or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere.•custom-made cabinetry where the customer has requested changes be made to WallBeds Australia standard cabinetry sizes or configuration, which results in the custom-made cabinetry not fitting into the customers allocated spaceWHAT SHOULD I DO IF I REQUIRE ASSISTANCE?If your product was purchased from a WallBeds Australia Agent all enquires need to be made directly with that Agent. If your purchase was made directly via WallBeds Australia, then please call WallBeds Australia. When calling regarding a warranty issue you will require your Invoice Number or Surname. You must make your request for service immediately following the discovery of any alleged defect. To make a claim under warranty you must be able to prove when you purchased the product. The easiest way to do this is through your original proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, etc.). Once you have raised your issue with us we may arrange for a WallBeds Australia contractor to visit your home to assess your claim. WallBeds Australia will also require photographic evidence of the damaged item. If your claim is valid WallBeds Australia will, at its choice, repair or replace the defective product.The warranties are not transferable, and service is available only to the original purchaser.
OTHER RIGHTSThe benefits given by the warranty is additional to other rights and remedies that you may have under law. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.IMPORTANT SAFTEY NOTES FOR WALLBEDSDo not allow children to play with or on WallBeds. Before using any of the mechanisms ensure the person using the WallBed is correctly informed of the mechanisms operation.